WCE2021 Special Focus Meeting on individualised medicine in endometriosis

8 June 2020

Individualised medicine in endometriosis: are we there yet?

Exact date and timing will be available soon

CHAIRS: Ludwig Kiesel (DE) / Sylvia Mechsner (DE)

Session 1: Pathogenesis and diagnosis

Ludwig Kiesel (DE)

Can translation of basic science individualise medicine in endometriosis?
Ludwig Kiesel (DE)

Non Invasive diagnostic markers
Rene Wenzl (AT)

Pain and endometriosis
Sylvia Mechsner (DE)

Proliferative markers and clinical consequences
Thomas Römer (DE)



Session 2: Therapy of endometriosis

Progress and limits of endometrioma surgery in infertility patients
Liselotte Mettler (DE)

Medical treatment of endometriosis
Sebastian Schäfer (DE)

Voiding dysfunctions after operation for deep endometriosis: preexisting or postoperative related?
Michel Mueller (CH)

Obstetric complications after surgery for deep endometriosis
Peter Oppelt (AT)


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