WCE2021 Young WES: early career planning in endometriosis

8 June 2020

‘All paths can lead to Rome!’ – Young WES early career planning

Exact date and timing will be available soon

CHAIRS: Erin Greaves (UK) / Elizabeth Glanville (NZ)

Session 1: Introduction

Aims and scope of Young WES 
Erin Greaves (UK)

Outline course format
Elizabeth Glanville (NZ)

Session 2: Career talks

When two becomes one: combining a clinical and research career
Andrew Horne (UK)

All paths lead to Rome – even for late entry PhD scientists
Caroline Gargett


Session 3: Structured networking

WES board members and senior WES ambassadors in conjunction with junior WES ambassadors will host discussions at tables with topics that are of interest to trainees.

The idea is to generate open-ended discussion between small groups of trainees and a senior figure.

Attendees will select four tables and be prompted to switch to the next table after 30 minutes.

Table topics:

  • Your first WCE/why you should become a member of WES
  • The WES mentorship programme
  • The WES surgical masterclasses
  • The WINNERS project
  • CV clinic
  • Social media: profile, improving your presence and code of practice
  • Work life balance
  • Getting your first grant / independent position
  • Combining research with clinical work
  • Getting your paper published

Registration details will be available shortly.

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