WCE2021 Special Focus Meeting on pain and endometriosis

25 August 2020

Do you really want to hurt me?

Exact date and timing will be updated soon

Session 1: Pain mechanisms
CHAIRS: Stacey Missmer (US) / Arne Vanhie (BE)

Andrea Romano (NL)

Peripheral pain mechanisms
Axel Forman (DK)

Central and visceral pain mechanism
Katy Vincent (UK)

Modelling pelvic pain
Erin Greaves (UK)


Session 2: Management of pain
CHAIRS: Sawsan As-Sanie (USA) / Carla Tomasetti (BE)

Medical management of painful endometriosis
Catherine Allaire (CA)

Surgical management of painful endometriosis (nerve-sparing)

Medical and other non-pharmacological interventions for pain management (endometriosis and non)
Sawsan As-Sanie (US)

Closing remarks
Andrea Romano (NL)

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This special focus meeting has been organised by

Sawsan As-Sanie (US), Stacey Missmer (US), Andrea Romano (NL), Carla Tomasetti (BE), and Arne Vanhie (BE)