The World Endometriosis Society collaborates with the World Endometriosis Research Foundation, which is the first global charity to conduct international multi-centre research in endometriosis to improve knowledge and treatments.

The initiative to establish WERF was taken in response to the lack of large scale international clinical trials, the lack of overall funding for endometriosis research, and not least: the isolation of research programmes within countries, inadequate communications among centres, and inefficiencies of research when information and data are not shared.

WERF’s mission is to improve the overall knowledge about endometriosis and its treatment through:

  • facilitating and carrying out well powered, international multi-centre studies
  • supporting specific research projects investigating disease mechanisms

This global collaboration will ensure that:

  • research is carried out in collaboration between international centres;
  • data is shared;
  • results are built upon;
  • strict protocols are enforced to ensure that results are evidence based
    results can be translated into viable treatments to provide a solution for those affected by endometriosis.
  • Success in these areas may herald a new era in meaning medical research for endometriosis in the hope that early diagnostics and treatments can be discovered to prevent endometriosis and enable millions of women to get on with their lives.