The World Endometriosis Society is offering its members a Mentoring Programme that aims to support early-career researchers or clinicians working on endometriosis or seeking to develop their expertise in this field.

Its objective is to facilitate individual virtual meetings between mentees (early-career researchers or clinicians) and mentors (mid-career/senior scientists or clinicians) on a regular basis during 12 months – quarterly at least, more often if desired. During these meetings, mentor-mentee pairs discuss the mentee’s career goals, and mentors offer guidance, support, and career advice to their mentee.

Early-career researchers and clinicians working in the field of endometriosis – or looking to expand their competences in this field – need mentoring from senior colleagues such that they can successfully develop their expertise and achieve professional development goals. Guidance and support from eminent mid-career and senior clinicians and researchers can indeed facilitate early-career colleagues to position themselves for a successful career in the field. This initiative, which is in line with the missions of WES – encouraging and supporting careers in endometriosis research and care – will ultimately help us drive the field forward internationally by developing the next generation of leaders in endometriosis.


How does it work?

Interested mentors and mentees apply by filling in an online application form (see below). Mentees will then select potential mentors; for this, mentors will provide a short video in which they introduce themselves. Mentees will then be asked to select their top 5 mentor choices through a selection form online. Mentees and mentors will then be matched according to the mentee’s choices, their area of expertise (researcher/clinician/both), and according to the characteristics entered in the application forms (areas in which to mentor/be mentored, preferred language…).

Mentors and mentees will commit to making time for at least 4 virtual meetings throughout the 12-month period (one per trimester); however, more meetings may take place if desired. Meetings may last ~1h-1h30.

With this international programme, the vision of WES is to:

– engage new early-career researchers and clinicians in the field of endometriosis, and help them remain in the field;

– help develop endometriosis research and clinical expertise in all World regions; and to

– promote high-level endometriosis research and care worldwide.

For mentees, participating in the WES mentoring programme is an opportunity to expand their international network and get career support from experienced researchers/clinicians to facilitate a successful career trajectory in the field of endometriosis. For mentors, the programme is an opportunity to contribute to shape the future leaders in endometriosis research and care at the international level.



To become a mentor: (deadline October 1st, 2022)

Please send us a 1-min video (filming yourself with your phone/Zoom) in which you introduce yourself (name, title, institution, country), your experience in endometriosis and your field of expertise, your experience in mentoring and what brought you to participate in the programme, with a welcoming message for mentees. Only participants of the mentoring programme will have access to mentor videos.

To become a mentee:  (deadline November 1st, 2022)


Participation to the WES mentoring programme is free and available to WES members.
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