WCE2021 Special Focus Meeting on deep endometriosis

8 June 2020

Deep endometriosis from classification and diagnostics to treatment and perspective

Exact date and timing will be available soon

CHAIRS: Ludwig Kiesel (DE) and Harald Krentel (DE)

Welcome address and introduction
Ludwig Kiesel (DE)

The new ENZIAN classification for Endometriosis
Jörg Keckstein (AT)

Modern management of deep endometriosis
Horace Roman (FR)

Quality of life after conventional laparoscopic bowel resection and NOSE colectomy, including urogenital function
Attila Bokor (HU)

Individual surgical treatment options in adenomyosis
Harald Krentel (DE)


Deep endometriosis and ART: when and how?
Engin Oral (TR)

Pregnancy specific features before/after surgery for deep endometriosis
Stefan Renner (DE)

Metabolomic and microbiome characteristics of patients with endometriosis
Stefano Angioni (IT)

Biomarkers in endometriosis: is there are chance to prevent (deep) endometriosis?
Christian Becker (UK)

Registration details will be available shortly.

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