WES Consensus on the Classification of Endometriosis

WES Consensus on the Classification of Endometriosis

1 February 2017

The World Endometriosis Society is delighted to announce the publication of the consensus on the classification of endometriosis in Human Reproduction [1].


Fifty-five representatives of 29 national and international, medical, and non-medical organisations came together on 30 April 2014 to produce an international consensus statement through appraisal of current evidence – the first time a major consortium has come together to evaluate such evidence and reach consensus.

Said lead author, and president-elect of the World Endometriosis Society, Neil Johnson:

Neil Johnson, MD

Classification of endometriosis has remained as enigmatic as the disease itself. The telling question remains: is it truly helpful for women with endometriosis?

The World Endometriosis Society consensus on the classification of endometriosis distills the latest evidence and opinions on the various classification systems. It uses a consensus methodology that is gaining wider acceptance.

It attempts to consider the best interests of women who have – or might have – endometriosis.

It provides as firm a foundation as we have for further research relating to the classification of endometriosis. And it challenges endometriosis surgeons, until better endometriosis classification systems become available, to make use of the best that we currently have:

The World Endometriosis Society Sao Paulo Consortium on 30 April 2014


  1. Johnson NP, et al. World Endometriosis Society Consensus on the Classification of Endometriosis. Hum Reprod 2017;32;315-324 [open access]