Recommendations on the surgical treatment of endometrioma

Recommendations on the surgical treatment of endometrioma

19 December 2017

WES has, together with the ESGE and ESHRE, published recommendations on the technical details of how to manage endometrioma surgically.

Endometrioma (ovarian endometriotic cysts) are a commonly diagnosed form of endometriosis – because they are relatively easy and accurately diagnosed by ultrasound.

These ovarian (“chocolate”) cysts frequently present a clinical dilemma when it comes to whether – and how – to treat them when found during imaging or even incidentally during surgery.

Previously published guidelines have provided recommendations based on the best available evidence, but without technical details on the actual management.

A working group of the ESGE, ESHRE, and WES has collaborated in developing recommendations on the practical aspects of endometrioma surgery.

The resulting publication presents general recommendations for surgery of endometrioma and specific recommendations for cystectomy, ablation by laser or by plasma energy, electrocoagulation, as well as a combination of these techniques applied together or with an interval between them.

Watch the tutorial

Resulting from this collaboration a full tutorial is now available – including videos – on the recommendation of the surgical management of endometrioma.

More surgical guidelines to come

Further documents in this series of collaborative surgical recommendations in the treatment of endometriosis will provide recommendations for surgery of deep and peritoneal endometriosis.

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