The World Endometriosis Society (WES) advances evidence-based standards and innovations for education, advocacy, clinical care, and research in endometriosis and related disorders, in collaboration with its stakeholders and global partners to improve the lives of all affected women and their families.

WES is leading the way in endometriosis.

WES’s vision:

  • WES is the global organisation for endometriosis clinical practice, research, education, and advocacy;
  • WES is the ‘go to’ organisation for all involved in the care of women with endometriosis;
  • WES facilitates research in aetiology, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology of endometriosis, to discover the cure and prevent endometriosis;
  • WES advocates for the recognition of endometriosis (disease/syndrome) as a health priority with a major burden on the woman, her family, workplace, and society;
  • WES coordinates broad collaboration with all stakeholders in endometriosis;
  • WES has a membership of diversity (professions, region, gender, etc), embraces all nations, and continues to grow.

WES’s key goals:



WES achieves this through:

These activities enable, encourage, and support collaboration among national and international societies and individuals interested in endometriosis.

Minutes from the 2014 General Assembly
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