Surgical guideline on deep endometriosis open for review

30 July 2019

The World Endometriosis Society, together with ESGE and ESHRE, is proud to present the draft of the second recommendations paper on surgical treatment for endometriosis. 

The first paper in this series focused on ovarian endometrioma and was published in 2017. The current paper provides recommendations on surgical treatment of deep endometriosis.

Stakeholder review is a vital step in the development of guidelines and good practice recommendations. The comments from stakeholders will help the working group to improve the paper, either by reconsidering the recommendations, or by forcing the group to think about and formulate a reply to the comments.

As a reviewer, you can either look at the comprehensiveness, clarity, and applicability of the recommendations in general, but you can also review one section of special interest to you.

The paper is now CLOSED for stakeholder review 


Thank you to those who provided valuable feedback!

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