What constitutes specialist care in endometriosis?

15 September 2017

The World Endometriosis Society’s 5th Consensus focuses on what constitutes a centres of expertise / specialist care in the management of endometriosis.

The World Endometriosis Society (WES) has undertaken consensus processes since 2011, which have yielded four consensuses on:

  1. Current management of endometriosis (Hum Reprod, 2013)
  2. Classification of endometriosis (Hum Reprod, 2017)
  3. Diagnosis of endometriosis (being finalised for submission)
  4. Patient centred outcomes (undergoing post-meeting progress)

At a workshop on 28 October 2017 in San Antonio (TX), USA, WES – together with collaborative stakeholders in endometriosis* – will develop a consensus on ‘Centres/Networks of Expertise in Endometriosis’, based on the concept of ‘specialised care’ and ‘centres/networks of excellence’ which has been a gold standard organisational concept for over a decade (D’Hooghe and Hummelshoj, Hum Reprod 2006; Forman, Gynecol Obstet Invest 2013).

The World Endometriosis Society, in our previous consensus statements, has built on this concept and coined the phrase ‘centres/networks of expertise’ to embody how specialised care and expertise can be developed and delivered to best serve the needs of women with endometriosis.

Some of the key consensus statements, which have been made already in relation to centres/networks of expertise (Johnson and Hummelshoj, 2013), include:

  • Women with endometriosis require individualised care over a long-term period, where priorities may change owing to the type and severity of symptoms, impact of these symptoms, current or future fertility wish and lifestyle factors (strong GPP).
    Consensus grade = a
  • Individualised care benefits from a multi-disciplinary network of experts sufficiently skilled in providing advice on and treatment of endometriosis and its associated symptoms, based on the best available knowledge, their extensive experience and their transparent record of success rates (strong GPP).
    Consensus grade = b

How to participate

If you wish to represent a stakeholder organisation in this workshop, please contact us by 24 October 2017 (note this workshop is not open to individuals, but to stake holder organisations only, with one representative per organisation).