Reframing Endometriosis: Power, Politics and Potential Futures

16 May 2023

British Academy/Wellcome Trust Conferences bring together scholars and specialists from around the world to explore themes related to health and wellbeing.

Endometriosis is a common yet poorly understood condition. Media and academic discourse often highlight failures in diagnosis as emblematic of gender biases in health. This conference focuses on practices of exclusion in past and present approaches to endometriosis as well as potential inclusive futures.

It is the first academic conference to bring together UK and internationally based endometriosis social science and humanities researchers alongside, and in conversation with, prominent (bio)medical researchers, third sector representatives and independent researchers and authors.

The way endometriosis is categorised is central to how it is understood and experienced. Speakers will discuss the historical legacies of endometriosis as a ‘wandering womb’ induced ‘hysteria’ and ‘career women’s disease’. They will consider intersecting systems of power and the marginalisation of gendered, racialised, and disabled bodies. And they will explore the socio-cultural-political implications of the latest medical research suggesting endometriosis is a systemic (whole body), rather than a solely gynaecological, disease.

For Registration and more information, see the conference website: Reframing Endometriosis: Power, Politics and Potential Futures | The British Academy

Reframing Endometriosis: Power, Politics and Futures Programme available here