• MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Istanbul Health Sciences University, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Research and Training Hospital, Turkey

Prior to obtaining her medical degree from the University of Heidelberg Medical Faculty in Mannheim, Fitnat Topbas finished her undergraduate studies in biological sciences and genetics at Cornell University. Her doctoral thesis was on neural therapy, which is the therapeutic use of local anaesthetics that can be applied in the management of chronic pain. She recently finished her obstetrics and gynaecology training in Istanbul.

She has been an active member of the Turkish Endometriosis & Adenomyosis Society since 2017.  In collaboration with other members of the society she is participating in several ongoing clinical research projects on endometriosis in Istanbul.

Nura Fitnat Topbas Selcuki was appointed a WES Junior Ambassador in January 2020.