Lone Hummelshoj

Lone Hummelshoj has been the chief executive of the World Endometriosis Society (WES) since 2005. She is responsible for the implementation of WES’s strategic plan, including the world congresses on endometriosis.

In addition to her duties to WES, Lone is the publisher/editor-in-chief of Endometriosis.org, which is the global forum for news and information in endometriosis.

She is also an executive director of the World Endometriosis Research Foundation, an active member of the ESHRE, AAGL, and ASRM Special Interest Groups on Endometriosis, and is on the faculty of F1000 for Medicine. She acts as a reviewer for multiple scientific journals, and has co-authored >45 peer-reviewed papers and chapters on endometriosis and its impact (H-index = 31).

Lone Hummelshoj co-founded Endometriose Foreningen (the Danish Endometriosis Society) in 1997, which she chaired for its first seven years. Working with politicians she was instrumental in changing legislation in Denmark, where national referral guidelines have been in place since 2002, which allow women with endometriosis to be referred to one of two designated national centres which specialise in the treatment of endometriosis – the first (and, so far, only!) country in the world to implement such guidelines.

Lone has presented on the impact of endometriosis, and the need for patient centred care, at international conferences in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Austral-Asia for twenty years, and works with national groups to build strong patient support and advocacy.

Since 2004 she has worked with members of the European Parliament to increase awareness of the disease and has raise the visibility of endometriosis and its impact on quality of life. She made history, when endometriosis was added to the 2006 working agenda of the European Commission, and when it consequently funded an endometriosis project through its Public Health Programme in May 2007 – with more endometriosis-related projects having been funded since then.

Since 1996 Lone has run her own business development consultancy firm from London, England, where she specialises in business development, strategic marketing, project management, and facilitation. Prior to starting her own company, she was a senior sales manager with IBM, working with some of its largest clients within the financial services sector in Europe.