Book cover - history of endmetriosis (Batt)A HISTORY OF ENDOMETRIOSIS

A history of endometriosis is a must read for everyone who is serious about endometriosis!  Ronald Batt MD PhD takes us on a scientific (and entertaining!) journey from the early science of endometriosis leading to today’s understanding of the disease.

Each chapter shows remarkable insight into not only the work of all the early pioneers, but also the environment that shaped each revelation upon which we are continuing to build of understanding of endometriosis today.

A history of endometriosis can be purchased online and all royalties are being donated by Dr Batt to the Rodolphe Maheux Travel Fund for Young Scientists.

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endometriosis-JEPPD-CoverJournal of Endometriosis and Pelvic pain disorders

Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders (JEPPD) is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to endometriosis and pelvic pain disorders, it is edited by Professor Errico Zupi, University of Siena, Italy, and features several WES board members on its extensive editorial board. The aim of JEPPD is to involve specialists; diagnosis, treatment and management of these disorders must be individualised, taking the overall clinical problem into account, and consider a multi-disciplinary approach. This focus makes JEPPD a unique publication.


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